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Soter IT Security company is entirely focused on the Cyber Security field

Web Application Security Assessments

Web Application Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test activities aim to find specific vulnerabilities on web sites, whether they impact the end user (client side) or directly the customer's infrastructure (server side).

Mobile Application Penetration Test

Mobile Application Penetration Test activities target a specific application for mobile devices, such as Android and iOS, and are often combined with analysis of the associated backend endpoints and services.

Infrastructure Security Assessments

Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test activities are performed to assess the security of customer assets. Tests can be conducted from an internal or external context to simulate a local or remote attack, respectively.

WiFi Penetration Test

WiFi Penetration Testing targets the Wireless local network in order to find possible misconfigurations or weaknesses that could allow an attacker to compromise it and access the LAN (Local Area Network).

IoT Penetration Test

IoT (Internet-of-Things) device analysis aims to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could allow an attacker to compromise the IoT devices or the related infrastructure.

Source Code Analysis

Source Code Analysis aims to verify if the source code of an application is affected by security flaws and if were implemented security best-practices.

Testing Methodology

Black-Box(Zero Knowledge)

The security test is performed knowing only the exact target endpoints. The team impersonate attackers with no knowledge about the system.

Gray-Box(Partial Knowledge)

The security test is performed knowing endpoints, credentials of accounts possibly with different privileges and eventually additional information about the system and custom applications could be provided to maximize the coverage.

White-Box(Full Knowledge)

The security test is performed with a full knowledge about systems and applications. Detailed information such as use cases, flows and the source code of the application are provided.


Soter IT Security S.r.l. is a company born in Turin, founded by five people with a strong passion in cyber security.
The company is focused only on the IT security field, providing services to assess systems and applications to find potential vulnerabilities, developing software related to the security and doing security research. Today, it has become clear that security cannot be underestimated, the company firmly believes in its importance using its knowledge to identify customer weaknesses as prevention measures. The assessment services offered are intended to evaluate the security of a target in order to highlight weaknesses and flaws that should be fixed immediately, before an eventual attacker may exploit them.

The team is formed by people graduated in Computer Science at the University of Turin, they have obtained several important certifications related to the IT security. They all have experience in the field, developed over the years both from previous job background and from several years of challenges and CTF (Capture The Flag) competitions that allowed to develop a way of thinking outside the box. The team keeps himself constantly trained on hacking simulation platforms trying to learn always something new and researching vulnerabilities in the publicly available software and devices.

The Team

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Fabio Carretto


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Riccardo Krauter


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Simone Pirani


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Daniele Scanu


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Pierdomenico Bodda



Our team holds the following certificates in the field of penetration testing and cybersecurity

OSCP cert
iso27001 cert
iso22301 cert
WAPT cert
EMAPT cert
EJPT cert

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